Book online & save

The prices on our website are for advanced internet bookings. The price on the booking page is the total price you pay. No hidden fees or extras on the day of the tour.  No sales presentations to sit through on the day of the tour.  What you see is what you pay.

Book through Live Chat for extra discounts on Sundance helicopter tours and to check availability BEFORE you spend your money.

Why Book GC Tours?

Here's what makes our tours different:

Tours are 100% Refundable up until 24 hours before the tour start time

When do most people have to cancel a tour? Most cancellations are unexpected and within 48 hours so if you book elsewhere you might lose 100% of your money.

Our tours are designed to maximize your time and eliminate delays

  • Hotel pick up is included and done quickly to get your tour started as soon as possible.

  • Bus tours are done with a 19 year old company with large fleet of 45 vehicles and exceptional reputation. For those shopping more for price than anything else you can save a few more dollars going with a company that started yesterday and most likely you will see the Grand Canyon with whoever you choose. You can also overpay for the same exact tours marketed elsewhere.

  • Other bus tours can stop at buffets for lunch, IMAX theater, sales presentations before the tour, airport to drop people off for helicopter tours, which all add up to time that either makes your day longer or can cut into your Grand Canyon time. With less stops the chances for delays decrease and help maximize your Grand Canyon experience. Our VIP tours sometimes make additional stops to show you more viewpoints but they do not stop to get additional money from you.

  • With bus tours you pick your time and location for pick up without having to book to find out later the company does not pick up at your hotel

  • No sales gimmicks. We do not need to offer free tickets to shows that are already free, slash super high prices to make it look like the regular price is a huge discount, put a banner that says “hurry these tours sell out fast” yet there are lots of open seats to book, use the word “complimentary…” to describe features that may or may not be available or included like hotel pick up or WiFi. Speaking of “complimentary” when you see “complimentary hotel pick up” it may mean the time for hotel pick up is not included in the tour duration listed. For example a tour listed as 14 hours may be 17 hours for you because the “complimentary hotel pick up and drop off” is added to the listed time of the tour.

making a reservation

Once you make a reservation online you will receive an email receipt immediately with a booking number. Bus tours are immediately confirmed. VIP and Helicopter tours will email your confirmation details within 24 hours after booking is made (usually within 2 hours if you are booking for tomorrow). 

  • If you see seats open online for bus and VIP tours it means we have seats, helicopter tours are not real time inventory so we will attempt to get the closest flight time to your request (feel free to call Sundance Helicopters to verify before booking).

  • We do not offer pick up from the airport, private residences, or apartments

  • 100% Refund if cancelled more than 24 hours in advance of tour

  • 100% Refund if we cancel for any reason

  • No fees to change or reschedule tour

  • There are no extra fees, taxes, surcharges

FAQ's about booking a tour

Q. When I book online when will I receive my confirmation?

A. Bus tours get immediate confirmation. VIP and Helicopter tours usually by email within a few hours during our business hours however it could be up to 24 hours after you make your reservation during busy periods

Q. What do I need to bring on the day of the tour?

A. You just have to give the driver your name, no tickets or printouts needed. You should also monitor weather and dress accordingly (or cancel/reschedule in advance).

Q.Can I make a reservation and pay cash on the day of the tour?

A. To eliminate "no shows" we require payment of $10 per person in advance of the tour (helicopters are paid in full). The remaining balance can be paid in cash or credit card on the day of the tour. All payments are 100% refundable up to 24 hours before the start of the tour. Don't lose money book with GC Tours!