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South Rim VIP Express

There is no better way to see the Grand Canyon in one day from Las Vegas!


South Rim VIP Express

There is no better way to see the Grand Canyon in one day from Las Vegas!

Tour summary

Visit the most popular part of the Grand Canyon and get driven to more viewpoints than any bus tour in Las Vegas.  By traveling with a small group you can go places the big buses can’t.  While most companies go to the busiest area of the Grand Canyon with bus loads of tourists everywhere our tour will drive you to a variety of viewpoints at less busy places to make for a more unique experience. You will have 3 hours or more to see many unique viewpoints.  All of our tours feature great guides in comfortable 2017 or newer vehicles with leather seats and good leg room. 


  • Welcome to Las Vegas Sign Photo Stop

  • Hoover Dam Photo Stop

  • Route 66 in Seligman Arizona

  • 1 Hour free time in Grand Canyon Village

  • Cover over 20 miles of the National Park visiting multiple viewpoints between Bright Angel Lodge and Desert View Watchtower (March to November)

  • Winter months get more viewpoints in lieu of distance between Grand Canyon Village and Hermits Rest! (November to February)

  • Great expansive views of the Colorado River

tour includes

  • Small group setting of 7 people or less

  • Friendly knowledgeable guide

  • Hotel pick up and drop off

  • 2017 or newer vans

  • Includes unlimited bottle water

  • Includes lunch prepared fresh to order

  • Comfort stops for restrooms & meals

  • 1 hour free time in same area as the big bus tour and then 2 hours or more for multiple viewpoints at places the buses do not go!

GC Tours VIP Grand Canyon Private Tour
Hoover Dam included in all Grand Canyon Tours
GC Tours VIP Express Tours Grand Canyon Vehicle.jpg

all inclusive pricing

All tours on this website include all fees!

all inclusive pricing

All tours on this website include all fees!

Hoover dam, Welcome to Las Vegas Sign & Route 66 included

Grand Canyon South Rim VIP

less busy viewpoints

Make your experience more special by going to less busy viewpoints. Don’t worry you will also get an hour free time in the busy area too.


meal included

Comfort stops for breakfast and dinner.    Lunch is included in the price and picked up from a restaurant en route to the Grand Canyon. Unlimited bottle water through out the day.

GC Tours South Rim VIP Express Tour.jpg

$125 Per person

We have limited seats so book early!

$125 Per person

We have limited seats so book early!

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why go vip?

7 people per vehicle usually means 2-3 hotel pick ups and then get on the road.

This is half as many hotels as other companies that take 9-15 people on “small” format tours which could easily add 1 hour to the day!

No vehicle changes

You travel in the vehicle you are picked up in and do not go to a terminal. You are also driven to viewpoints in the same vehicle

See the Welcome to Vegas Sign in the morning before the crowds

Get that perfect picture without people in the background

Comfort stops where you can get what you want to eat

A small group can generally avoid the places the buses go. In the busy months there can be 5 or more buses all stopping at the same place! The VIP tour generally goes to other places for comfort stops.

2017 or newer vans

Less chance of breakdowns, squeaks,rattles etc etc etc (yes it can still happen)

Virtually eliminate delays caused by passengers

Less people on a fully guided tour where the guide drives you to all viewpoints and communicates directly to you rarely results in delays.

See more viewpoints with greater variation.

You will have a hard time finding another tour that takes you to viewpoints other than Mather Point and Bright Angel Lodge (Yavapai Point is between Mather and Bright Angel). Our tour covers multiple viewpoints to show more diversity in more places than Mather Point and Bright Angel Lodge.

Go to viewpoints that are less crowded

There is over 30 miles between the various viewpoints at the South Rim. Do you only want to go to the busiest part of the park? The VIP Tour gives you some time in the busy Grand Canyon Village where all of the buses go and then your guide also takes you to multiple viewpoints in less busy areas so you get more diversity of views.

Our tour is about maximum sightseeing with no wasted time

With only 7 people per group everything goes quicker between less hotel pick ups to comfort stops to parking at the viewpoints. The VIP tour can show you much more of the Grand Canyon in the same time as tours that only go to 2 viewpoints (plus the VIP gives you 1 hour at one of those viewpoints). Other tours can stop at numerous places that pay drivers kickbacks which waste your time and give you less time for sightseeing.


The guides can adapt and change the viewpoints at the canyon to fit the situation should changes occur after you arrive. You can’t do that on a walking tour or using free park shuttles that take a lot of time with lots of stops.


The amazing views at the Grand Canyon National Park are not close to Las Vegas but yet close enough to be seen in a day. Our VIP tour easily gets back at least one hour earlier than the bus tours while showing you more viewpoints. In many cases it can save over 2 hours compared to alternative tour options. If you want to save even more time you can book a private tour and customize your itinerary HERE